Crystal Shree Yantra



क्रिस्‍टल से बना श्री यंत्र






4-5 days in India




What is Crystal Shree Yantra?

Like Sphatik Shree Yantra, Crystal Shree Yantra is also use for worship Maa Laxmi.

So like other this Yantra is also a 3D formation of Sri Yantra structure. This is known to produce positive energy for prosperity and wealth.

How can I place this at home?

Somehow this depends on Vastu of your home or office but generally this Yantra can place in west side of house or on same side wall. The face of this Yantra should be at East side.

But most importantly all side of this yantra should open. It is believed it spreads positive energy from each 4 sides for entire premises.

So 3 things to remember is:

  1. Place it on west side facing east.
  2. Do not cover this yantra with any object, it should be open from all four sides.
  3. Some people buried this yantra under the foundation of a house or a construction building for stability, profit and financial gains.

Very beneficial for prosperity and wealth. Crystal has the divine powers and it makes this yantra best among others. It should be placed in safe, office, locker or worship place. Also known as Laxmi yantra.

Why from AstroBlog

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Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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