About Our Guru Jee..

Abhinav Dubey, a very well known name in vedic Astrology. With 20 plus years of experience in remedial astrology practice he is now too accurate and perfect. He has many followers worldwide and he conducts regular Puja’s for them. He knows very well that not everyone can come and take divine guidance of Guru jee so he draw some specific remedies based on common problems of human beings. Anyone can obtain them and take a step forward for better life.

Rashi Ratna

Frequently Ask Question

Basically gemstone is a chemical composition and they all are found in earth. They used as remedy in Astrology since ancient time.

Yes they work. They work like spiritual things works. You should feel changes occurring in your life. You should have faith upon remedy.

Yes, but not every gemstone has negative effect. Some stones like Blue Sapphire (Neelam), Red Coral (Moonga), Ruby (Manik) and Hessonite (Gomed) have drastic negative effects. Rest all stones are mild in nature and anyone can wear them and feel positive and negative changes.

Energization is a process in which an expert of Vedic hymns recites mantras of related planet or god. This process is very important and without energization these stones are ineffective. That’s why we deals in only Energized remedies and for this we have Acharya Ram having 20 years plus experience of vedic rituals.

The best way to know whether the gem is original or not is Lab test certification. No one can judge stones from its appearance. So always brought gemstone with lab test certificate

Our Acharya jee feels that gemstones are blessing of god. But before Jyotish Asha gemstones are restricted for rich people only. This is because of those astrologers who think only costly gems works. But our Acharya jee done a research and he found there are only 3 parameters of effective gemstones. These are 1: Gemstone should be natural and untreated. 2: Gemstone should be fresh not used by anyone. 3: Gemstone should be energized. If any gemstone follow these parameters it will be effective. After that we procure our gemstone from mines directly to give you in minimum price for maximum effect.

Yes, every gemstone have specific way to wear. You don’t have to worry if you are getting gemstone form Jyotish Asha. We provide every gemstone with all rituals and instructions in written with this our calling executive will ready to help you over phone in between 9am to 9pm every day.