9 Mukhi Rudraksha (Nepali)


Origin: Nepali
Shape: Round Shape
Size: 12mm (Approx)
Energization Yes
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Certification : Yes (Vegga Gems)
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9 Mukhi Rudraksha is the form of the Goddess Durga (Shakti). It contains the power of Nav Durga the Nine Deities. The worshippers of the supreme power Shakti must wear this Rudraksha either on the neck or on the wrist. It increases self-power, determination, will power, focus and bestow the devotee with extraordinary courage and protection. It makes the wearer concentrate and protects from all the fears.

By wearing nine faced Rudraksha the man gets blessings from Shakti, the Supreme Mother. By this, the wearer gets endurance, bravery, courage and his dignity, respect, name and fame spreads all around. His devotion in god increases and the will power is further strengthened. When invoked, the mother Goddess blesses with a lot of energy, powers, Dynamism and fearlessness, which are the essential elements to attain peace and success in life. The nine Mukhi Rudraksha gives Bhoga and Moksha. Its ruling planet is Rahu. This Rudraksha cures problems of Lung diseases, fever, eye pain, skin disease and body pain.

This Rudraksha has great use in Vastu as far as the ability to bring immense protection, no occult, black magic, evil forces can stay in that house where Nine Mukhi Rahu Rudraksha is kept. 9 Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn with 10 Mukhi, 11 Mukhi, 14 Mukhi and 16 Mukhi which gives the devotee sure victory in all his endeavours. This rudraksha balances Ajna Chakra and should be worshipped along with Golden Shivlinga. This brings tremendous auspiciousness among the family members and bestows the entire house or the workplace with the immense peaceful environment.

Om Hreeng Hoong Namah
Nav Durgayai Namah
Ruling planet: Rahu
Devata: “Navdurga, Bhairav, Kapila Muni, Dharmaraja, Kala, Sarpa ”
Precautions and what all you should know prior to purchasing Nine Mukhi Rudrakshas.

1. 9 Mukhi is very rare rudraksha.
2. The Abhimantrit Rudrakshas which are energised following the correct procedure as mentioned in Jabalo Upanishad by its Mool Mantra and Beej Mantra should only be worn.
3. After wearing Mala you should chant Mantras below whenever you get time during the day for energising Rudrakshas. The Mantras are “Om Namah Shivaya” and “Om Hreeng Hoong Namah”
4. Nine faced Rudraksha should be capped with gold or silver and should be worn round the neck or be placed at the worshipping place.
5. Placing the Rudraksha in front of rising Sun and sitting close to Rudraksha and doing meditation will rejunivate Rudraksha as well as you.
6. Day for wearing is Monday after taking a bath in the morning before 12 noon. While wearing continuously chant the mantras.
7. The selected code number of Rudraksha will only be sent.
8. For testing the Genuity of nine Mukhi Rudraksha, placed the bead inside a glass full of water for the one-hour duration. After taking out if the bead remains solid, the bead is genuine. The remaining water inside the glass should not contain any worms, and colour of water should remain transparent. Now clearly observe the bead
for tiny holes or damages. If everything is ok, dry the bead under the fan and wear it as mentioned above.
9. The bead when worn should touch the body.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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