Shani Japa Mala

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Beads and Shape: Oval Shaped black Natural seeds, काले मनके
Beads: Number & Size (mm): 92 & 4-5 mm
Length(inch): 10
Origin/ उत्‍पत्‍ित Indian
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Featured Description

Shani jap mala (rosary) to worship planet Saturn. Made up of 80+ black pearls and energized by Saturn’s mantra. 


Very useful for those who are suffering from malefic effects of Saturn

Anyone going under Mahadasha and Antardasha of Saturn should take this japa mala and recite shani mantra. 

If anyone feel that he get achievement after very late then he also should take this mala and recite shani mantra. 

For benefic effects of Shanidev everyone should recite shani mantra with this mala and get be blessed with shanidev. 

How to use 

This is japa mala. You can achieve anything by worshiping lord shani by this rosary. 

Shani Japa Mala

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